Corrosion has always been a setback to commercial facilities. Industrialists have estimated that the annual budget spent on corrosion in the past 30 years amounts to 3.1% of the GNP. It amounts to $1 tn per year in the United States.

Every year, the global economy loses $5000 bn USD to corrosion. The Defense Department in the U.S. deals with a corrosion cost of $20 bn each year.


Corrosion serves as a major hindrance for industrial growth and imposes damage to human life and health in various ways


Corroded buildings are exposed to a high risk of structural failure, leading to fatal injuries and disabilities. Prolonged corrosion of steel rebar in concrete can cause bridges, buildings, and electrical towers to collapse, leading to high repair cost.

The collapse of Silver Bridge in 1967 led to a loss of 46 lives and millions of dollars.


In copper pipes, if the pH of water is below 6.5, it penetrates the protective barrier installed in pipes, leading to corrosion. The acceptable limit of copper content in water is 1.3 mg/liter and for lead, it is 0.015 mg/liter.

  • If the corroded water has copper content in it, it results in gastrointestinal problems while continued use of contaminated water can cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Lead contamination can affect the mental and physical growth of children.
  • Corroded water reduces the performance of water heaters, causing them to fail frequently.
  • It causes small leaks and premature failures in plumbing systems.
  • Corroded water has a peculiar odor and metallic taste that can be irritating for some people.
  • It causes bluish-green blotches in sinks.


  • Corrosion can cause perforation of pipes and vessels, which leads to leakage of gases and liquids, polluting the environment.
  • If the fluid is hazardous, it can introduce potential threat to people and infrastructure in case of collision.
  • Solid collision can cause rupture and blockage in pumps and valves.
  • The cost of maintenance and repair of corroded equipment is considerably high.
  • Corroded equipment can hinder the manufacturing process.
  • The market value of corroded equipment drops significantly.
  • Corroded pipes can contaminate the fluid inside and degrade the quality of metallurgical process.

VaporKote offers cost-effective aluminizing and corrosion resistant coatings for steel to extend the lifespan of your machinery. Our aluminizing process provides superior protection against corrosion. Our customized designs allow you to operate your machinery at elevated temperatures.

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