The Downsides of corrosion


Corrosion has always been a setback to commercial facilities. Industrialists have estimated that the annual budget spent on corrosion in the past 30 years amounts to 3.1% of the GNP. It amounts to $1 tn per year in the United States. Every year, the global economy...
Take A Look: Corrosion-Causing Factors Around You


Corrosion is a pressing concern that industrialists deal with while trying to increase their production capacity and income. It amounts to a loss of billions of dollars annually. The global economy loses $5000 bn USD every year in the name of corrosion. The Defense...
Pitfalls to Avoid in the Boronizing Process


Erosion corrosion is a major obstacle in the commercial growth of an industry. Single-phase erosion corrosion has been the primary cause of pipeline failures. Petrochemical and nuclear plants are prone to erosion-corrosion. Erosion removes the protective metal film,...
Boronizing: All you need to know


Boronizing or Boriding is the process in which boron atoms are diffused into the surface of metal. Read this interesting infograph for more....
FAQs Regarding the Boriding Process


Erosion and corrosion serve as huge setbacks to the commercial growth of an industry. According to industrialists, the United States loses a total of $1 tn per year to corrosion. An experiment-based research concluded that corrosion is the leading cause that degrades...
Conventional Corrosion Prevention Methods: A big NO


The life of metal instruments can be improved by protecting the material against corrosion. Corrosion reduces the mechanical strength of a metal, leading to rapid degradation. The equipment is exposed to a higher risk of structural damage. An experiment-based...
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